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GAMSAT Section 3: Tips to Get Started!

Preparing for the Science section of the GAMSAT can be really daunting! The following are a few pointers to get you on your way.

1. Attempt GAMSAT-style questions SOONER rather than later!

The questions you encounter in the GAMSAT are likely to be different to anything you have seen before. So it is important to familiarise yourself with the format of the test and the style of questions. Often students hold-off on looking at questions and spend months on end reading up on science topics only to realise closer to the exam (or on exam day) that they are grossly under-prepared!

2. Avoid rote-learning science concepts!

Most students will feel the need to learn or brush up on certain science knowledge. Where possible, try to avoid just rote-learning topics. Instead, try to understand the underlying concept and make connections to things or topics that you already know. In the GAMSAT, you are unlikely to need to recall lots of information, rather they will be testing your understand of and ability to applied concepts.

3. Brush up on your math skills!

Many students struggle with the fact that you are not allowed a calculator in the GAMSAT. You will need to have a strong command of basic math skills, which just comes with practice. So if you realise that math is an issue for you, pull out your old high school books and time tables! Most of the skills you need to do well in the GAMSAT will be up to Year 10 level only.

Hope this helps!

Barry :)

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